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Aleksandr Borodin. Reader of the on-line course on PROMETHEUS program

You want to start carrier in the sphere of accounting, taxation and finance but don’t know how? Are You interested in issues on taxation in Ukraine? Register Yourself on free on-line resource PROMETHEUS and get free knowledge, certificate and additional materials. The course is worked out in terms of acting tax legislation and longstanding practical experience of the reader Aleksandr Borodin, founder and director of the company FinAssistant                                   


Course is free. You get an electronic certificate on graduation with the signature of the reader.
You get the lectures in video format, cases, forum will be accessible in any time including after graduation of the course. Mastering of this course will allow listeners to gain basic theoretical and practical knowledge about taxes, essential principles of creation of tax system of Ukraine, features of the main taxes collection, functioning of supervisory authorities and system of tax administration, and also the rights, duties and responsibilities of taxpayers.



Aleksandr Borodin  Founder and director of the company LLC FinAssistant. He has more than 18 years of experience in the sphere of accounting, taxation and finance on position of chief accountant, auditor, financial director and general director. He is an acting member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Great Britain. 


What are taxes and its role in the life of society.

Theoretical principles of taxation.

Tax system of Ukraine – common concepts.

Tax legislation of Ukraine.

Main taxes in Ukraine. Taxpayers.

Personal Income Tax (PIT).

Value added Tax (VAT).

Income Tax/Profit Tax.

The simplified tax system.

Property Taxes.

Employee’s contribution.

Tax administration and accounting.

Accounting process. Responsibilities of taxpayers.

Supervisory authorities.

Tax planning.

COURSE LENGTH 5 weeks. All the materials of the course and possibility to get certificate are accessible also after graduation.

REQUIREMENTS general secondary education