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Aleksandr Borodin. Lecturer on two-days Intensive on social enterprise: “Creation of social enterprise: taxes and law” at support of organizers of SOIN: Social Innovation School in Eastern Europe (Germany)

On the 20-21st of August 2016 Aleksander Borodin –  a founder and director of the Company FinAssistant lectured the two days Intensive training on a social enterprise, developing a theme of “Creation of social enterprise: taxes and law”. This meeting was hold at support of creative space of Chasopys Eduspace, organizers of Intensive of SOIN: Social Innovation School in Eastern Europe (Germany)


The program is realized by the command of experts from Germany, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. An aim of the program is an increasing of the level of qualification and widening of commonunications of young businessmen and activists for creation of social enterprises in Eastern Europe. Program is realized at support of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Germany.


During two days of Intensive participants learned:

  •  What is social enterprise;
  •  Classic world cases and experience of Eastern Europe;
  •  Innovating methods of social problems deciding;
  •  Instruments of social enterprise, fundraising & sponsoring;
  • What is Business Canvas and how it works;
  • Juridical and financial aspects of social enterprise.

 And also:

  • Worked over its cases like-minded persons
  • Got feedback of experts
  • Filled check-lists on development of its own social enterprise