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On Fridays from 10 am till 1 pm each visitor of “Chasopys” has an opportunity to receive free advice on accounts, taxes and personnel registration issues from the LLC FinAssistant.


In each business activity there are main business processes which allow to carry out the mission of the company and to earn money. However, an integral part of business is for sure subsidiary business processes (administrative activity) which are urged to keep the earned money, to protect the company from potential risks or to discharge obligations which are assigned on the company by the state or society. Examples of such subsidiary business processes are arrangement of accounting system, payment of taxes, registration of the labor relations between employees and employers and so on.

As a rule, most of the business activities develop at the initial stages of their existence, concentrate on the main business processes without having opportunity to spend the limited resources (monetary and temporal) for administrative activity. Unfortunately, sometimes such approach increases expenses and risks in the future. Therefore, the LLC FinAssistant and its partner “Chasopys” begins FinMorning with the FinAssistant company – on Fridays from 10 am till  1pm visitors of “Chasopys” may receive free advices of the qualified accountant on arrangement of administrative activity (accounts department, taxes, personnel registration, financial consultation and so on) in developing business activity.

According to the director and co-founder of the FinAssistant company Aleksandr Borodin: “The company exists since 2011. Creation of the company, its mission and team was with the help of  my personal experience – more than 15 years of a intensive work in accounts departments and finance. Mission of the company is to help developing business activity, to arrange subsidiary business processes mainly in the sphere of accountant and finance due to effective use of professional experience and skills of our employees.

Our specialization is beginning, small and middle scale business, also developing business. Our carefully selected employees have rich experience at positions of chief accountants and finance directors in different branches of economy.” We will help you to develop your business, having exempted you from financial and administrative routine and wasting your time and resources”.

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In 2015 are planned meetings

0n 28th of November at 10 am, on the 5th of December at 10 am, on the 19th of December at 10 am, on the 26th of December at 10 am