Individual order

121: Fast Expert Assistance. Individual business consultations on financial and accounting issues with Aleksandr Borodin, Finassistant Director

On the 28th of October in creative space “Chasopys” from 10:00 till 13:00 in the framework of 121: Fast Expert Assistance regular individual business consultation of Aleksandr Borodin, Finassistant Director, was held

Traditionally, all the registered participants got useful advices of expert in the form of individual consultations on the following issues:



 Personnel records

  Financial consultation and so on.

121: Fast Expert Assistance in Chasopys is communication with experts in the form 1 to 1 useful morning with correct people

  • development of entrepreneurial eco system in Ukraine
  • individual approach
  • experience of successful people
  • feedback, advices and individual reccomendations

FinAssistant  is Your personal advicer on financial issues including accounting, taxation planning and optimization and many other issues. Our company is oriented on work with small and medium business and decides all the issues fully preliminary registration is obligatory You can follow our announcements on Facebook Facebook