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Legal fees

  • Lyubomyr Ostapiv 2016_cr

    Lyubomyr Ostapiv

    Lyubomyr, Financial Director of Stanfy, founder of the social project, Family Budget

    “FinAsisstant, namely Taras and Aleksandr helped us to keep accounting and personnel records, to submit tax reports for more than 3 years,

  • reviews-photo109890

    Dmitrii Shekenia

    Financial Director of Ukrainian Media Holding (leading company in the Internet, Radio, Printed Matters and Press Retail markets)

    “Our Holding consists of more than 100 legal entities. It was decided to turn some of them to outsourcing system of accounting.

  • vasileva

    Valentina Vasilieva

    Director of the Retail Outlets Chain “Minibambini”

    “During start-up period our young and growing team needed support of qualified accountant under limited budget.

Our Services

  • service5

    Legal services

    Legal advice in business operations, protection of entrepreneur rights and enterprise interests at all stages of business activity
  • service6

    IT services

    Range of services involving computer servicing, full IT-infrastructure maintenance in order to optimize costs for its development and proper working order
  • service7

    Administrative services

    Personal administrative assistant in document management, registration of incoming and outgoing documentation, ensuring its protection
  • service1


    Complex accounting services and enterprise accounting records maintenance: starting from the primary documentation forming up to preparing and submission of reporting
  • service8

    Individual services

    Effective schemes of representation and/or process management with account of individual peculiarities of a customer
  • service2

    Tax accounting

    Forming and provision of full and accurate information on enterprise business transactions for tax purposes
  • service3

    Personnel record keeping

    Preparation and maintenance of personnel record keeping to the full extent in compliance with laws of Ukraine in force
  • service4

    Financial consulting

    Range of services including calculation, interpretation and assessment of financial indexation to construct effective and reliable system of financial management at the enterprise