Individual order

Services prices

Every business of our customers is unique. We do not determine fixed rates consciously.

Our price is based on the following principle: cost of our services should be 10-15% less than the estimated costs on in-house accountant.

Such an approach supposes that before naming You the cost of our services we need to form basic understanding of Your business and estimate supposed scope of work. For this purpose we will ask You to answer some simple questions about Your business (field of activity, quantity of operations/documents and employees etc.). After background information has been obtained from You, we will be able to evaluate services for You. As a rule, the bigger and more complicated business is (quantity of operations/documents) the higher price for our services is. This is due to more time and qualification of our employees that are necessary for Your service.

We perfectly understand Your desire to receive services of good quality at reasonable price and have more time to manage main business processes. Our price policy, using high efficiency of our resources use and economy of scale, will allow You to achieve:

– Customized approach in service
– Saving expenditures on in-house accountant and salary taxes
– High quality of received services

Some simplified steps to know prices for our services:
1. Contact us by any convenient way for You (see section Contacts).
2. Answer a set of simple questions about required services and Your business.
3. Receive price proposal for Your business (we will need some time to process information obtained from You).

We are always open to communication and dialogue with You