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Personnel record keeping

Personnel record keeping implementation and maintenance is indispensable condition of effective personnel management of any Company. Human resources and personnel documents must be in compliance with the requirements of current civil, tax and labour legislation. Our employees will gather, register and generalize information about Company personnel and its management and execute necessary documents

Your benefits

Time and money saving

With us Your accountant will save time required for all the primary documentation maintenance as to questions on labour legislation, maintenance of bookkeeping records, personnel record keeping. You will not have to pay outside services to solve additional legal or economical questions.

Financial guarantees

We bear financial responsibility for quality of all the provided services, customers assess the quality of our services and our efficiency personally, get the expected results

Customized approach

We cooperate with companies from all the economy branches and with different forms of ownership. You select a way of cooperation - from 100% presence of expert at Your office and up to long-distance service with any other options.

Additional bonuses

Our favorable offers like bonuses and promotions always lead to your investment returns; we use a flexible system of discounts for loyal customers


  • Review of position titles for compliance with current Occupational Classification
  • Formalization of “Internal work order regulations”
  • Execution of labour agreements
  • Maintenance of employees’ files and related documents
  • Maintenance of employment books and related documents
  • Procedures of hiring, transfer, secondary employment and resignation  of personnel
  • Maintenance of order registration books, registers of leaves, business trips and disciplinary sanctions
  • Formation of Company’s schedule of positions and salaries
  • Formation of leave schedule and execution of leave orders
  • Formalization of current personnel documents: patterns of forms, records, internal reports, acts, letters
  • Sick lists formalization
  • Formalization of employment confirmation letters
  • Timesheet maintenance
  • Formation of job descriptions
  • Execution of confidentiality agreement
  • Execution of financial liability agreement
  • Formation of internal provisions (on subdivisions, remuneration, bonuses etc.)
  • Formation of collective labour agreement
  • Preparation of reports to Employment center, Disability fund, Pension fund, statistics and other authorities
  • Involvement in audits of regulatory and other state bodies

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Our Services

  • service5

    Legal services

    Legal advice in business operations, protection of entrepreneur rights and enterprise interests at all stages of business activity
  • service6

    IT services

    Range of services involving computer servicing, full IT-infrastructure maintenance in order to optimize costs for its development and proper working order
  • service7

    Administrative services

    Personal administrative assistant in document management, registration of incoming and outgoing documentation, ensuring its protection
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    Complex accounting services and enterprise accounting records maintenance: starting from the primary documentation forming up to preparing and submission of reporting
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    Individual services

    Effective schemes of representation and/or process management with account of individual peculiarities of a customer
  • service2

    Tax accounting

    Forming and provision of full and accurate information on enterprise business transactions for tax purposes
  • service3

    Personnel record keeping

    Preparation and maintenance of personnel record keeping to the full extent in compliance with laws of Ukraine in force
  • service4

    Financial consulting

    Range of services including calculation, interpretation and assessment of financial indexation to construct effective and reliable system of financial management at the enterprise